Personal Branding: Stephanie Ramlogan - Stylist

Had fun taking 'That Nomorefashionvictims Girl'- Stephanie's actual handwriting and turning it into her own custom logotype for her personal rebranding. 

As a branding designer who focuses on and values one on one professional service, working with young, independent entrepreneurs such as Stephanie Ramlogan is always a great creative partnership. 
We wanted to keep the branding fresh, fun, and sophisticated with a punch of personality. One of the ways we did this was by using a pineapple motif to subtly link the brand back to it's 'No More fashion Victims' Caribbean graphic roots as well as nodding to the additional aspects of her blog-talks about healthy eating, meat-free diets and all around conscious living. We kept the graphic very modern in black and white, while maintaining it's quirk.

Our bow across the 'o' graphic is a play on 'hitting the right mark mark' with regards to Stephanie's work ethic and work process in a way that really suits Stephanie's personality and brand style.


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