Branding - No More Fashion Victims (NMFV) online Caribbean fashion shopping destination

Identity Design, Branding of NMFV.

'X' marks the spot and the destination for online Caribbean fashion shopping. Inspired by elements of the Caribbean and ideas of location we desired to place Caribbean Fashion on the map! The design elements for NMFV combined to create a vibrant, rich, tropical motif with a modern graphics inspired by the compass, breeze block design and the wind vane (while not a typical Caribbean element, it informed the logo symbol as a symbol for location and direction) The brand is a blend of hand crafted illustrations and crisp design finishes.

The Destination to Shop Caribbean.

Client Comments



"There was no one else for the job in my mind. Even when I could not translate my ideas into a coherent description, Tanya was able to perfectly understand what I meant. The story she tells with the iconography of NMFV makes me love what I'm doing even more. On top of it all, it's gorgeous." - Stephanie Ramlogan, Founder & Director, NMFV.

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