Branding Immortelle Beauty Escentials

Brand identity update, art direction and package design created for the newest line of beauty products from Caribbean beauty brand; Immortelle Beauty.  

The new product line; Immortelle Beauty Essentials offers  shower gels, body sprays and lotions in a variety of fresh scents such as Jasmine and Evergreen, Agave and Hibiscus, Citrus and Granadilla and Tea and Thyme.  

Home fragrance; the AMBRÉ candle was also added to the product line.

We were inspired by the textures of beach and river stones, marble and frothy textures of the ocean to create the brand property for this new line. Taking the brand another step forward for Caribbean made beauty brands.

Photography by:

Tanya Marie, 2014


Client Comments

"I have had the pleasure of working with Tanya since the birth of my brand so when she started to work on her own I of course followed. Because of this Tanya has an understanding of Immortelle Beauty that is unmatched by any other individual outside of the actual company. For cosmetic products, package design not only invites the customer to try the product, but also builds trust and Tanya has been helping my customers build trust in my brand for 5 years now. When people see the products for the first time, their first compliment is always the packaging, and then the quality of the product next. Through my partnership with Tanya, we have been able to offer the market a truly unique Caribbean product and I will make sure that our relationship continues for the foreseeable future. I recommend her very very highly, particularly for emerging local businesses wanting to make a statement. " - Kathryn Nurse, Creator & Creative Director of Immortelle Beauty

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