Brand Identity Design: Turtle Warrior by Nature Seekers of T&T

It was important that the brandmark for Turtle Warrior be a leatherback turtle, so we allowed the style of the mother brand—Nature Seekers to influence the design direction of the Turtle Warrior brandmark which helped both brands to speak the same visual language while keeping the leatherback turtle as the focus of the identity.

Discarded glass bottles are cleared from the turtle nesting beach of Matura, Trinidad, W.I. These bottles are recycled and made into 
glass beaded bracelets and other jewellery by the skilled men and women from the community and are completed with a hand-carved coconut turtle charm. All the money raised through the sale of our Turtle Warrior Bracelets goes directly back into the project and towards our leatherback turtle conservation efforts.


product photography by Marlon James

Tanya Marie, 2015

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