BRAND IDENTITY DESIGN Nellee’s Heavenly Desserts

"Heaven is where Dessert is."

Nellee's is a bespoke cake & dessert company by two makers; Chanelle and Leanna who's nicknames respectively are Nel & Lee making up the brand's name; 'Nellee'
The design of the logo and the brand was inspired by their tagline, "Heaven is where dessert is" — angel bakers with halos above who love making cakes and sweets. The logo is elegant, sweet and friendly with a touch of sophistication.
A custom edited modern script is complimented by the slab font and balances the logotype nicely also allowing the 'halo' text to hover above but still feel beautifully connected.
Cakes and sweets were shot from above as if looking from the heavens down at their handmade creations.

Instagram: @nelleesheaven

Tanya Marie, 2015

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